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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolution - Find ALL Facts Possible Surrounding George W. Bush as President

Statements by 'James' Editor of Bush Decision Points Fact or Fiction

I will spend the entire year of 2011 researching and reporting all facts surrounding George W. Bush, including the facts that he purposely left out of his book known as his memoirs, 'Decision Points'. December 31, 2011 will provide my very last entry in this blog. By then, expect all the truths be known as they can be discovered, as you will not have to wait until he is dead and gone to find out inaccuracies in his book, along with important facts that he purposely left out of his memoirs.
I have taken a month away from writing entries in this blog in an attempt to really devour the information spread throughout the book by George W. to really give it intense study. In an attempt to retrieve the facts as presented by the book, other testimony presented in documented proof shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that George W. is a man that was not fit to be President of the United States, especially as 'Commander and Chief'.
With everything that has happened to the United States, including all the wars and suffering this man has caused, there is no doubt left in my mind that George W. was absolutely the worst president in U.S. history. He never planned to tell the entire truth and state all the facts that would be of interest to readers of his memoirs. If they would be of interest, then he should have included them. It doesn't take a rocket scientist for him to under stand what he needed to include in the book. His conscience should tell him exactly what to write. But I guess his conscience didn't stop him from being instrumental in the deaths of thousands of American citizens and American soldiers, and for his actions, we are supposed to honor this man?  His lack of action when needed, combined with his decisions to act when not needed show that George W. was not able to make any correct decisions. He falsely led the country in believing that Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, when in fact he knew by his national intelligence team that Sadaam had no weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, George W. should be accused and tried for murder of innocent civilians in Iraq that he attacked, along with the soldiers that died needlessly to promote his policy to take down a country that never would have started a fight against the United States.
None of the problems this country was facing within it's borders were tackled by this "do nothing" president. The economy fell to depression levels; people lost their jobs; people lost their savings and their retirement benefits; people lost their lives in New Orleans, not through any fault of George W. at least not at first, but again he failed to act to help the people of the raveged city of New Orleans when Katrina hit. He was at fault for not acting just prior to the disaster on September 11, as he knew of direct threats to the United States brought to him by his intelligence team, and thousands more lost their lives.
Then he has the unbelieveable gull to tell the world that since September 11, this country has never been attacked. But in his own war created in another land, his troops who were also United States citizens lost their lives. More American solders died after September 11 in George Bush's wars than the total number of people who died in New York City on September 11.

Again I ask myself a question that George W will never answer.....

How does George W. sleep at night?!!!!!