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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Gread President He is NOT - George W. Bush is Already Judged

In a conversation with CNN just prior to the dedication of his new Presidential library, George W. Bush still does not openly admit that he really made mistakes starting the IRAQI war, nor does he believe that he was ultimately responsible for not supporting help and rescue plans during Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans. Here is a man that follows the footsteps of his father, George H.W. Bush and became the 43rd President of the United States, and he now says in the CNN interview "History will ultimately judge the decisions that were made for Iraq and I'm just not going to be around to see the final verdict.". Then he says, "In other words, I'll be dead.". Also, stepping  back when he was president, George W. Bush staunchly supported his own form of terrorism, as he practiced a method called 'water-boarding' on his Iraqi prisoners. Everyone knows that the presidency of George W. Bush was a failure, and his right wing agenda and policies crippled the country, and during his two terms as president, he started a systematic bankruptcy of the country. The U.S. government, who had a surplus of money during the presidency of Bill Clinton, quickly evaporated when George W. Bush became president, and since, the deficit has grown to unbelievable proportions. Of course, the Republicans blame the Democrats for the money deficits, because President Obama had no choice than to spend money to try and bring the country back together again when in fact the country technically entered another depression era during the Bush presidency.
Appearently, George W. Bush doesn't read this blog, and if he has, he should realize that authors like me will never let the atrocities such as the ones he made as president ever go away. I'm not waiting for him to be judged after he is dead, as he puts it, to let people know how disastrous of a president he truly was.
What ultimately upset me about this man is that he threw the country in a war under false pretenses, explaining to the country that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Of course as we know now, this is totally untrue. There never was one bit of evidence turned up in Iraq during the U.S. occupation in that country that proved at the slighted possibility that there ever was weapons of mass destruction in that country.
Thousands of American soldiers died in a war that they never should have participated in. Still George W. Bush doesn't feel guilty for their lives, and doesn't admit to wrongs. He blames the actions that were taken to invade Iraq due to inaccurate reports given to him by the CIA and FBI. But the fact is, George W. Bush knew there were no weapons of mass destruction there. His right hand man, the vice president of the United states at the time was Dick Chaney, and even still today, the vice-president openly admits that attacking Iraq was the right thing to do.
So it begs the question, why were we ever in Iraq? Cheney's answer is that we belonged in Iraq to get rid of Saddam Hussein, a president who had weapons of mass destruction, even though to this day that there never was an ounce of proof that there ever was weapons of mass destruction.
For the dedication today, accompanying George W. Bush and his father H.W., Presidents Obama, Carter and Clinton were on hand for the dedication for the George W. Bush library. 
I have just one thing to thank President George W. Bush for, and of course it is not for his service as president. I think that most will agree it's a presidency that everyone would like to forget. But for me, waking up to the extreme right wing thinking and ideology of Republicans and of George W. and Dick Cheney during his two terms of office, spurred me into openly supporting Democratic President Barrack Obama as I started writing the blog "Obama in the White House",immediately after Barrack's election in 2008.
As the saying goes, time fly's when you are having fun, and I just hope that someday I would soon forget the likings of such a failed president, George W. Bush.