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Thursday, August 21, 2014

FACTs ABOUT GEORGE W. BUSH, our 43rd President of the United States

HERE IS A FACT ABOUT GEORGE W. BUSH, our 43rd President of the United States....

The present civil war within IRAQ is a direct result of President George W. Bush's involvement in destroying the Saddam Hussein regime in an attempt to gain access to billions of barrels of oil to be exported back to the United States. Not too many people know that fact.  In a recent report by Rachael Maddow listed in my previous story, these facts are now known. Now because of unrest that Bush initiated years ago, ISIS or ISUL is now killing innocent Iraqi's throughout-the country. If George W. Bush did not intervene in his war in Iraq, ISUS would have never gained power in the country. We have George W Bush to thank for, for the atrocities that are happening today.
The prior president who wants the world to forget what he is responsible for, the killing of over 4,000 Americans in the foreign country of Iraq, hides from the truth like a scared sheep. He refuses to defend his action in Iraq, and continues to live a life as a previous President in riches and wealth that he does not deserve. He lives for the world to forget what he has done, thinking that future generations will think of him in a more positive light.
How can this man sleep at night? Does he care that under his PONTUS direction, that he sent thousands upon thousands of American solders into harms way for his entire Presidency, and is responsible for their deaths. If it weren't for his direction, these American soldiers would be living. President Bush has forever destroyed thousands of American families just for his sickness to proclaim war on the world. What right did he have to con so many Americans into thinking that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? How could such a man so deceptively win election, let alone re-election in America as our President. How could he fool so many? I am ashamed of being a citizen of a country with a tyrant President such as him. President George W. Bush is as guilty as Saddam Hussein himself, along with his vice President Dick Chaney, who condoned unjust punishments of torture. Thank God that our present President, Barack Obama will never condone torture on anyone, not even our worst enemies.
The phrase, "do unto others, as others shall do unto you" is what should happen to George W. Bush. Has he ever been tortured? No. Has he ever served in the military, under any President who put his troops into war? Absolutely not, and in matter of fact, George W. Bush did everything possible to stay out of the service, and he received a specialized deferment just so that he would not have to go into the military.

That my friends of this blog is what our past president is all about.