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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bush Lied about 911 Attack and Got Caught

Fact and Opinion by the editor 'James'

Here are two shocking videos of George W. as he accounts for what happened when he was present at the elementary school the morning of September 11th and a third video who claims conspiracy on 911. Obviously, it was an outright lie, and possibly a cover-up of facts we may never know. This video shows him at that devastating moment when he actually found out about the 2nd airplane hit, his inability to take action, and in a sense, his inability to comprehend what his staff had just told him.  At that moment in time, what was more important, talking to the children in class, and listening to their stories, or tending to the crisis at hand? One of the more damning bits of evidence of U.S. government complicity in 9/11 is that George Bush has informed us, on more than one occasion, that he saw the first (1st) WTC tower aerial impact, on TV, before he entered that Florida classroom at 9 a.m. (cached timeline visual timeline)
However, the only known video of that event spent the day at Ground Zero, in the videographer's camera. It was first broadcast about 15 hours after it happened.

Check out the following links and watch the videos that support proof that Bush lied about 911. The last video shows the 911 conspiracy, than shows the destruction of the towers were not completely caused by the airplane hits, rather than internal explosives placed inside the building. The third building, World Trade Center #7, went down as did the Twin Towers and it wasn't even hit.

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