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Monday, September 5, 2011

George W - A Disgusting President with NO SHAME

Opinion of the Editor 'James'

In a recent report, it says that George W. was troubled to make the decisions he had to make. That was evident when his secret service told him again that a second plane struck the world trade center. At that moment in time, he realized when White House Chief of Staff Andy Card's of Massachusetts whispered again in his ear while at the gradeschool in Florida. George W. was literally frozen with fear and disbelief. But for a long moment that seemed to be an eternity, George W. just sat there in front of the children, and did not react. Eventually he did make an announcement at the school about the planes flying into the world trade center and that he had to return to Washington D.C. immediately, even though his Secret Service refused to take him  immediately back to Washington. In mid-air they were diverted to a plane un-announced.
Then when George W. heard about the plane that turned around and started heading towards Washington which eventually crashed in Shanksville PA, he then ordered planes to intercept and shoot down if necessary any planes that did not respond with the orders to land as immediately as possible because orders were now given by the President that all planes must land immediately.
Today in a CNN report, he claims that he was very troubled to send military jets armed with missles to shoot down comercial aircraft with civilians on board just because the plane may pose a threat to the United States.
But this is the same man that initiated a war in Iraq, and is responsible for killing 4000+ American troops, and now George W's supporters want to blame our present President Barack Obama. What a sense of mis-justice. Everything George W. stood for was bad for the country. It is a wonder how George W. sleeps at night. Does he even feel any sense of remorse or regret for sending American troops into harms way to fight his war that shouldn't have started in the first place. He received permission from the Congress to attack Iraq and begin the hunt of Osama bin Laden on unjust grounds, stating that there were weapons of mass destruction, and there wasn't any to be found, not even a trace.
To be honest, I don't feel any safer now that I was then, so what good has his war on terror done. Yes it was done for a good cause, but at what price. For him, it's ANY price for freedom from the tyranny of Al-Qaeda even at the cost of more American lives, as if not enough people died on that fateful day on 9/11.

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