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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bush Tax Cuts destroyed the American Economy

Opinion of the Editor 'James'

The Clinton administration left office while at the same time leaving the country in an envyable fiscal position. The U.S. had no deficit and was on track to have no debt at all. With that said, George W. became President and passed his enormous tax cuts in June of 2001. The tax cuts in 2001 were $1.3 trillion dollars, which esentially put the country in reverse and undid the successes of Bill Clinton with the economy in a very short period of time.
What people may not remember is that George W. introduced his tax cuts just three months before 9/11. Then because of 9/11, the United States went to war, and on a global scale. To show how morally and fiscally irresponsible George W. was, he cut taxes and then started a major war that still is in operation today. If he was a fiscally responsible and morale president, the sobering thing to do would be to resind those brand new tax cuts. If he would have said this at that time right after the start of the war, nobody would have blinked an eye. He didn't resind the tax, but instead continue to wage a very expense war at the same time.
The story gets even more rediculas at this point. In 2003 George W. decided to start another war simitaniously with the war already running in Afghanistan, this time in Iraq. Ironically, not only did George W. decide to wage two wars and not resind his tax cuts, but he created another $300 Billion dollar tax cut and signed the bill on May of 2003 just months after the war in Iraq commenced. He claimed it would help boost the economy. But why did the United States let the president act morally irresponsible by cutting taxes after starting yet another war? George W. didn't have the funds to pay for the war, but he took advantage of the American people and first tricked them that the second war in Iraq was necessary because Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, when it was later proven that they did not have any weapons of mass destruction. He convinced the country that U.S. tax cuts was more important than funding the war or protecting the American people both at home and abroad.
Was he out of touch with the problems that this country was now facing or what. It was ok that the Federal government continue to wage war without no longer having the funds to do it, but he doubled-down on his stupidness by creating more tax cuts that crippled the economy almost immediately. President George W is so proud of what he accomplished as far as his 'Bush Tax Cuts'. Then, he gets re-elected, because the country had blindfolds on. The country belived in President Bush and what he was doing in Afghanistan and Iraq, and none of these followers could or would ever had believed that this war would be waging even today. Now his party has the outright gaul to say that President Obama is the cause for why this country is in debt. What George W. and his pea-brain followers do not know is that the only way to reverse the damage George W. has created is to introduce new taxes. The sad thing is that if George W. would have resinded his 'Bush Tax Cuts' after the war he had started, we would not be in such a fiscal nightmare, and our national credit rating would still be AAAA.

Need I say more. If anyone believes that President Obama is at fault with his method of balancing the budget, just take one step back and realize about what was said here. Understand how the country went into debt in the first place and than unless taxes are collected, the U.S. debt will never go down. Yet, the conservative republicans believe that there should never be new taxes. All of the republican presidential candidates believe in that fact.

One thing is for sure. George W. proved himself time and time again that he hadn't a clue as to what was going on in the world, not even at home, as his two wars were much more important than health care and the well being of the American people. George W. continued to put American soldiers in harms way just for his pushing of soldiers in a war that still hasn't been won ten years later.

George W., the epitimy of failure as a president of the United States, and believes with his heart and soul that he was a great war time president, but only in his pea-brain mind could such a belief exist.

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