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Monday, July 1, 2013

Bush Recent Interview with Robyn Curnow

In an interview with Robyn Curnow, president George W. Bush starts off explaining how Snowden has damaged the country.
But then he goes on explaining that he put protections in place to protect the country, meaning that he had allot to do with the ways and means of the government spying on other countries but he says it is done with the protection on peoples civil liberties. But then he again came out of his shell being very disrespectful not allowing Robyn Curnow to get her questions fully out before he breaks in and starts talking says that "The only time I cared was on election day".
Ok, what does that mean? That S.O.B president used the country, used our troops and then he brushes it off lightly by saying "I did what I did". "Ah, I know the spirit in which I did it."

 Just watch the video below and see how sick minded the 43rd president of the United States was by making comments as he did in this interview.

He sincerely believes that historians will be the best to judge him, and that time would be when he is dead. Well, I'm here as an American in the year 2013, and I believe that he needs to be judged now, before he is dead. Maybe he doesn't think I would be objective, and maybe not, but people who just want the truth and are not biased read this blog.

 The world is getting educated now, while he is living, and I hope that someday when historians recant the workings of President George W. Bush that he is still living to be able to read in print how it has been objectively decided that he was absolutely the worst president in U.S. History and that his is judged. I hope that the President lives to be 100 years old, just to make sure that he is living when he is judged, way before he is dead. He may be right by saying that it will take some time before objective historians judge him, or at least that is what he thinks in his mind. People who think objectively right now have the right to make their own judgments on this President right now and they most certainly will.

                         Robyn Curnow sits down with former President George W. Bush to discuss
                                                Edward Snowden and the legacy of his office.

A transcript of the interview is immediately below.

Curnow: Do you think he is a traitor? (Curnow asks Bush about Snowden)

Bush: I know he damaged the country. The Obama administration will deal with it.

Curnow: Do you think it is possible for one man to damage the security of the nation?

Bush: I think he damaged the security of the country.

Curnow: And when it comes to surveillance,(then rudely, George Bush interrupts Curnow...)

Bush: I put the program into place to protect the country. And one of the certainties is civil liberties is guaranteed.

Curnow: So you don't think there was a compromise between security and privacy?

Bush: I think that there needs to be a balance and I think as the president explained there must be a proper balance.

Curnow: No one criticized the Obama administration and that's something,  that you really made the decision?

Bush interrupts again: It doesn't do any good.  It's a hard job. He's got plenty on his agenda and ah, it's difficult, and a former president doesn't need to make it harder.

Then she asks him a question about polls and what people think.. He interupts and says..

Bush: I could care less. THe only time I really cared was on election day. Did I? I guess it's nice. Let me rephrase that. Thank you for bringing it up.

Curnow: You like the idea that people are perhaps looking at you differently?

Bush says... Ah, Ultimately history will judge, ah the decisions I've made, ah, I won't be around because it's going to take a while for the objective historians to show up.  So I'm pretty comfortable with it. I did what I did. Ah, I know the spirit in which I did it.

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