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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mr. Bush wants People to Forget Who He Truly Is

Mr. Bush thinks that trying to do something right in his life for others will correct what he has done in his. He is presently on a good will mission to poor people in far away lands. That is what is called wishful thinking. Readers of this blog may wonder why I'm so negative when it comes to Mr. Bush. Maybe I can shed some of the light here. He wants to be remembered as something else than what he truly is, even though he would not like to admit it. What is he? How about a murderer for starters because of all the innocent people that he killed, like members of our dead that were killed in the war because of him. Everyone was afraid of him, not knowing where he would strike next. He became a terrorist in his own right. How about other innocent people, like the people of these ravaged countries like in Iraq and Afghanistan, the same type of people he is now out and about in his mission, now in his sickening sympathetic effort to try and do something good for the kind of people that he killed.
The United States was involved in a war, I get that. Innocent people do get killed in battles. Actually in two wars, President Bush  put our troops into harms way. He is responsible for the thousands of innocent lives that have perished because of his actions. The truth is coming out, even before he is dead, even before the historians can tell us and our children about his legacy. The truth is already out that we, the United States should have NEVER been involved in those wars. The good that was done from them, does not even come close or even justify the means in which he took to accomplish his goals. He had no idea that it would draw our country in a war lasting a decade. What did he know? The secret intelligence at the time gave so many false readings on the state of foreign affairs, especially telling him that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That is what he wanted to hear because he wanted to attack and he wanted to start a war.
Now the families of the sick and fallen of that war have to forever live with the fact that their loved one will be forever affected because of the war. Apparently he forgets about the past and what people overseas think of him. In an article by Ray McGovern, the title read, "George Bush Can't Travel Overseas for Fear of Arrest and Prosecution". Back then, highlighted in the article dated February 9, 2011, he avoided a flight and appearance in Geneva to avoid the risk of arrest on a torture complaint.  There it is, in plain sight, the leader of the free world afraid to travel to avoid arrest, just like Mr. Snowden. The difference between Bush and Snowden is that Bush got away with mass murder, and Mr. Snowden will be forever haunted by the U.S. government for leaking classified secret information to the world.  Mr. Snowden has to forever stay away from the United States in fear of getting arrested, but Bush can come and go as he pleases. As the article continues to read, "Doomed to become America's first better-stay-at-home former president". And how about another quote from the same article... "Remember, Mr. President, it was Richard Nixon who pronounced the principle of presidential impunity in his famous statement to interviewer David Frost. When the president does it, that means it's not illegal."

You can read the entire article at the following URL.....'t_travel_overseas_for_fear_of_arrest_and_prosecution.

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