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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Real Reason for the Iraq War

As reported for the first time yesterday, March 6, 2014, Rachel Maddow, a commentator from MSNBC, outlined what was to be the real reason for the Iraq War, in her commentary "Why We Did It". People just need to know the truth. Who would have thought that the story would begin with the activity in N. Korea. As reported, on October 9, 2006, seismic recorders recorded what was thought to be an earthquake, located in North Korea. What it turned out to be was an underground nuclear test by North Korea. Our secret intelligence was caught off guard, as North Korea just set off its first nuclear bomb. It is important to note that President Bush didn't see a need to disarm that country,  as there was no move by the U.S. to do so. Even after the actions of of Osama bin Laden for the 9/11 attack on Sept. 11 2001, the United States did not directly go and seek out whom was considered now the number one terrorist in the world. The President and Vice President repeatedly said that they could not find the very elusive terrorist.
Instead, the United States under false pretenses made a premeditated attack on Iraq. So what was the reason? Was Osama bin Laden in Iraq? What people didn't recognize is the fact that even prior to Sept. 11 2001, the United States led by George W. Bush had been working on something totally outside the scope of seeking out terrorists, even though central intelligence reports showed increased activity by Osama bin Laden, and intelligence gathered that Osama bin Laden was planning an attack on America.
The President of the United States, along with the Vice-President of the United States, Dick Cheney, were more interested in Iraq, and purposely hid secrets concerning their real objectives for attacking Iraq. The Secretary of Defense at the time Donald Rumsfeld, serving under George W. Bush, purposely hid secrets from the United States Congress, along with the President and Vice President. What they claimed was the immediate issue was the fact that Saddam Hussein, the reining president of the time in Iraq, was producing and stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. Was that true? It was proven after the U.S. attack on Iraq that Saddam Hussein did not have any weapons of mass destruction. So what just happened was that the United States started a war under false pretense and went through one of the longest wars in U.S. history.
So what is this hidden secret? Behind closed doors, not even privy to the U.S. Congress, the President, Vice President and Secretary of Defense along with a few select others who are not important to this story, were secretly figuring out a way to take over the Iraq oil fields. The very rich reserves of oil in the country of Iraq proved to be of very high interest to oil billionaire George W. Bush from Texas. An oil company called Halliburton, had two major headquarters, one in Dubai, and another in Houston, Texas. David J Lesar has been CEO of Halliburton (HAL) for 12 years. Mr. Lesar has been with the company for 19 years. The 59 year old executive ranks 8 within Oil & Gas Operations. His prior boss was Dick Cheney. So here you have it, two Texas Oil men, George W. Bush and David Lesar worked in Texas with oil. In September of 2000, the price of oil kept climbing, affecting the United States, especially with global energy demand on the rise. The U.S. dependence of foreign oil hit an all-time high. Just before becoming the President, George W. Bush was interviewed and ran for President with the premise that foreign oil was going to be a big problem for his administration. The President met in Houston, and plans to take over Iraqi oil were made. The President had secret meetings with Haliburton, just before the insurgence into Iraq. Not known at the time by the American people, plans were being made to secure oil fields in that country.
When George W. Bush became President, he immediately began to try and find a way to work on the foreign oil issue. He determined that what better way to get allot of oil if the United States were to take it from Iraq. Not long after his election as President, the attack of the World Trade Center took place on Sept. 11 2001, and now the President  found a reason to enter Iraq and get approval from Congress to do so. His claim, to attack Saddam Hussein, because he had weapons of mass destruction. What we know now is that this was a lie, as he involved the United States in a foreign war. He became directly responsible for thousands of U.S. lives lost on foreign soil. The sad thing about the war is that we were not hunting for Osama bin Laden, but used Saddam Hussein as a scapegoat with weapons of mass destruction, just so that we could enter Iraq and secure the oil fields. Ultimately by securing the oil fields, the production of oil greatly increased from Iraq. But was it worth the invasion of Iraq, and the loss of so many American lives, along with the innocent citizens of this country that were caught up in a war started by the United States? The unnecessary loss of American soldiers lives because of President Bush's selfish and greedy interests makes him directly responsible for the lives of the thousands of dead Americans. Has the cost of oil gone down because of the attack on Iraq and increased production from the oil fields? Absolutely not, and in matter of fact, the oil prices have continued to go up.
President Bush claims that history will judge him over time in a more favorable light. He doesn't seem concerned on what people think of him now. All that I plan to do about it is publish articles like this to help bring to light what exactly happened during the Presidency of George W. Bush and how bad I consider him for America.
One thing is certain. If Democratic contender for President, Al Gore was to become president instead of George W. Bush, the Iraq war would have never happened. Thousands of American soldiers would be living today and the United States wouldn't have been the reason for so much death and destruction in the foreign country of Iraq. I say this because no American president of that time would have started a war in a foreign country just to secure oil fields. The United States was not being threatened by Saddam Hussein by weapons of mass destruction.

Immediately below is a video clip, narrated by Rachel Maddow of MSNBC in her commentary that was aired yesterday on her news station.

Below, Rachel offers a bit of a preview to The Daily Show's Jon Stewart.

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