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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Accusations against George W - Will He Ever Defend Himself With Public Statements

Maybe what could really clear up my questions and accusations made by many distinguished people would be an accurate account by George W. that would explain his actions during these times. A book documenting these statements made by George W. would be of allot more value to the people of the United States and the world, than a book that has been labeled his memoirs, called "Decision Points".  But do to his name - BUSH, and to what he was, George W. will never come clean. Instead, he plans to sit low and let history explain what actually happened. Again, stories like the one just revealed here on this blog will continue to come forward, and how long with the high courts continue to allow presidents get away with crimes they committed in office?!! As an avid supporter of President Barack Obama, to be fair, I must ask the question WHY? Why is President Barack Obama withholding evidence against George W. that must be only considered an act to protect a prior president's name to be permanently marred in history?  Many of President Obama's problems stem from the acts of prior president George W. 

President George W. himself became a war president, because he initiated military actions in two foreign lands, namely Afghanistan and Iraq. He is responsible for killing thousands of Americans in his wars, and countless civilians in the wake of his attacks on hospitals and other civilian facilities that were hit by his relentless attacks on different positions in Iraq.  In another blog, there is evidence that George W. is responsible for at least 100 war crimes as listed in a book called 'George W. Bush - War Criminal?'  Oh my.... The list just gets longer and longer.

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