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Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Chapters in 'Decision Points', Interesting but Boring, Personal in Nature

In his first chapter called "QUITTING", I found it odd that The ex-president would talk about his decisions on a fairly personal nature and evidentally his gut wrenching decision to stop drinking. Up until the time he stopped, he was a self professed drunk. It's kind of funny, but what I expected from a president's memoirs would be situations surrounding his presidency, and the things that shaped him as a president while in office. Drinking surely didn't prepare him, because if he hadn't stopped, he most likely would have never been capable to become Governor of Texas, let alone the President of the United States.  I hardly expected to see the soft side of George W., from his childhood days, living in West Texas, meeting first lady Laura, and his close relationship with his father. I found that these facts were very interesting, but also boring at the same time, as I want to see him as he believes how he performed as president, and his reasoning for his actions during 8 years in office. I would like for him to 'spill the beans' and truthfully tell the readers what he actually felt that he did right, and what he did wrong while president. I would like to know of specific situations that if he had a second chance to do something, what would it be. I would like to see him admit his mistakes, not just the mistakes that we already know. I would like to read about things that he was successful at so I can give him the acknowledgement he deserves for doing good deeds.  In these first chapters, especially chapter 1, it appears as if he is trying to portray himself as a good person with a drinking habit, that he was able to stop all at once. He claims that he hasn't had a drink since then, but I'll bet I can find a video or two of him sipping on brandy or wine or even a shot of Bourbon at public events at the White House.  But it is all there, in black in white in his book. I am reading the second chapter called "RUNNING" and I have yet to have one question answered about his presidency or about his time in political office. The book is great reading, and koodo's to George W, but I'm actually frustrated so far with what I'm reading, already on page 47 of a 481 page book.
The reviews of his book have been wide ranging, from people claiming of him stealing passages from other people and putting them in his book, to people praising him for finially coming up with good writing material proving that he isn't as stupid as some people claim after all. For me, I never considered him stupid, but more clever than anything else. He had the ability to "pull the wool over your eyes" and explain to you in a sense how he was able to fit a 'round peg in a square hole', and convince everyone that it could be done. He is explaining in the book what he wants you to know, not what you deserve to know. I may be pre-mature here, and I will posibilly admit that I am with this decision, as I haven't even made it to the 'meat and potatoes' sections of the book. The question is, will I make it to those pages, or will I be led off of a cliff and the book will end similar to that of a bad movie with a terrible ending which unless proven otherwise, is exactly what his tenure as president turned out to be.

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