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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Memoirs of President George W. Bush - Yes, He Actually Published Them

Memoirs of a President in recent day traditionally becomes in a sense a confession in some cases, or a proclaimation of acts, and for others, maybe a diary. In the case of President George W. Bush, it definitely seems to be a revelation of sorts, and definitely not a standard for memoirs of recent times. But again, in his case, how could it be.
I am now reading the book, approximately 500 pages, from a man that many thought couldn't read or speak, let alone write. Up front, I give him credit for the book. But, what I'm reading is a collection of events by other people. Is this exactly what he promised readers?  It seems to be just a book of recollections even as Bush  lifts quotes word for word, and passes them on as his own recollections. Before passing judgment on this president concerning possible plagerism passages, I will ponder into the 'meat and potatoes' of the book. Let me say that I am satisfied and at least in a sense relieved that President George W. Bush had it in him to put together such a book, whether it is considered traditional or not. The point is that he did write the book. Maybe he should have consulted me before he wrote it.... Just kidding!! Some people who haven't read the book, along with other that are reading the book, seem to think the book qualifies to be located in the 'crime' section of your favorite book store.
But knowing a glimpse of his past, even prior to his presidency, you would wonder how such a man would step up to the mold as a president. But he did step up, and some people think he was an excellent president, and other think he was a very bad president. Some people just don't know, or don't care to know. Many people will not buy the book to find out his side of the story, whether it may be the honest truth or not.
Do you think George W. Bush cares that all people buy his book? Of course not. He would be the first to profess that thought. But in another breathe, he was quoted saying "I hope everybody buys the book".
President Bush went through a very difficult 8 years, and do you think that there were other people out there that could have taken care of these problems allot better than Bush? In my mind, without a doubt. Maybe Al Gore would have been a better President, but the cards in the election of 2000 did not fall his way, even though Al Gore did have more people vote for him than for Bush. Bush recieved more electoral votes than Gore. Exact numbers are as follows..

                             BUSH              GORE                            
Popular vote 50,456,002 50,999,897
Percentage          47.9%               48.4%

The numbers show that 543,895 more people voted for Gore, but Bush carried the Electoral votes, so he was declared the winner.  That means in a sense over 1/2 million people's voices did not get heard, and apparently the 'chads' won.
Some say that the elections were rigged or were inconclusive because of 'chads'. But the people had their chance to remove President George W. Bush from office after his first term, but they did not. Instead, they allowed a very conservative president to sit in office, while the world seemed to fall apart around him.
What happened to the country during his tenure as president? Needless to say, allot has happened in those 8 years in office. No one truly knows what kind of president he could have been if 911 never happened, because right after 911, the course of this president aimed towards 2 wars and a fight with terrorists.
Only 8 months had passed, and the Twin Towers were toppled, along with the Pentagon strike, by now who we know as Bin Laden and the Al Queda.
Details of events, responses of a president, and the effects of having a conservative president in those times will be pondered right here. Again, my plan is to be fair when it comes to the actions of President George W. Bush, but I'm also writing to convey the facts. So far for what I've read about President George W. Bush, the reactions to his effectiveness and abilities seem not to be his greatest traits of a man in his position. To me, it is very unfortunate, not just for him, but for the country he served as president for 2 terms. The facts as he sees them as presented in his book is proof enough that something was drastically wrong with a conservative president leading the country in these times. Compared to a poker game, the cards just didn't fall in his favor, as time after time, he was presented with difficult situations that frankly he just handled very conservatively or 'did not act'. It would not be fair just to put the blame on him, but his entire supporting staff contributed to his downfall as President. His staff provided this president mounds of mis-information, which President George W. took as to be true. He openly admits this, but the facts are the facts, and history shall judge this president on his performance as president.
President George W. Bush believes that he "will be dead and gone" as he puts it before the American people finally figure out what actually happened, indicating that he really does have something to hide. That in a sense is a reason why I'm writing this blog.  Actually, I truly do not know what I may be writing here from this day forward, because as George W. Bush states it best, "Read the Book". That I will do, and every good deed will be rewarded with kind statements, while every negative deed or action by this president will be revealed right here on this website, in detail, with facts to back up the statements. What also will be interesting to me will be what he actually leaves out of the book. I can assure you that he will not be dead and gone before the American people, living in a free country, can actually read free works of truth right here on this blog on matters that every American deserves to know.

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