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Monday, November 22, 2010

George W. Explains "one of the worst years of my life"

Reading up to page 50 in George W.'s 'Decision Points', it is almost unbelievable that George W. still has nothing to say about his Presidency. Instead, he talks about things before his public life as a governor and president. Maybe it is a case of him just forgetting what actually happened when he became President. I haven't found the real starting point to his book, the place where it talks about him. If his book were over 500 pages or so, I would think that rambling about everything else except what happened during his presidency in the first 50 pages would be valid.
A sense of deep frustration has now set in, because George W. has successfully managed to dodge critics except for people like myself of his deeds in public life.
He talks about his father George H.W. winning his bid for president, and then immediately after the election, he moves to Texas to begin his quest to purchase the Texas Rangers franchise. He mentions how he acquired the team, along with mentioning about a Texas manager of the Rangers, Bobby Valentine whom he had to fire. But he did manage to build a new stadium in Arlington, Texas.
He assisted his father in running for re-election, and of course it failed as the Democrats managed to get their candidate in the White House, Mr. Bill Clinton. Now, another quote from George W. page 50, mentioning about his Dad's loss for re-election, defeated by Bill Clinton.

"Dad had been raised to be a good sport. He blamed no one; he was not bitter. But I knew he was hurting. The whole thing was a miserable experience. Watching a good man lose made 1992 one of the worst years of my life."

It can be stated as true that most likely loosing the election, George H.W. was experiencing one of the worst times in his public life. That's a given, so George W. is not revealing anything new here. But to hear him again comment that one of the worst times of his life was to watch a good man lose, makes me wonder how many "worst times of his life" he actually has. He hasn't even begun to speak about the bad times in his presidency yet.

But wait... Was the defeat of George H.W. in 1992 one of his worst years. Just as he utters those words, he says these...

"My initial disappointment at his loss gave way to a sense of liberation. I could lay out my policies without having to defend his. I wouldn't have to worry that my decisions would disrupt his presidency. I was free to run on my own."

Then he says....

"In an ironic way, Dad's defeat was responsible for both our opportunites", talking about his brother Jeb who eventually won the Florida governorship. and himself. "What had first seemed like the sad end to a great story now looked like the unlikely beginning of two new careers. Had Dad won in 1992, I doubt I would have run for office in 1994, and I almost certainly would not have become president." 

 But you have to admit. The Bush family is a proud clan, to have 2 people in their family as presidents. George H.W. may have lost the election to Bill Clinton, but two Presidential elections later, George W. became president. So if anything, George W. should have claimed that his dad loosing his bid for re-election was part of fate, George W's fate to become president. So how could this point in time be called "one of the worst years of my life."

Bad times of George W's life came after he became president. Up to then, the so called bad times were not even his to claim.

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