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Monday, November 22, 2010

Insite to George W. before the general election of President choosing Dick Cheney as V.P.

Finally at around page 70 or so, in the chapter called 'PERSONNEL' I've gained some interest in the memoirs of this President.  At this point, he had already been confirmed as the Republican candidate for President, and his opponent would be Al Gore. George W. was presented some clear candidates for vice-president by the person whom he wanted to really take the job, Dick Cheney. Dick had respectfully told George W. that he really wasn't interested in becoming his running mate, as there may be a few stumbling blocks to his being able to serve in that capacity. First, he was concerned that his health was not good enough and may not be able to take the pressure if something happened to George W. Second, it was his residency status. The Constitution prohibited two residents of the same state from receiving Electoral College votes. Eventually Dick Cheney did receive a bill of good health from his doctor and was told that he should have no problems on the campaign trail with George W. He was also able to change his residency status back to Wyoming and now he was good to go. There was still a question if Dick Cheney would accept George W's offer to run as his running mate, but eventually he did accept and run with him.
So yes, this so far is just a standard history lesson, but it is important to state that chosing your running mate is the very first most important decision you may have as a canditate for president, which also shows the people on what kind of choices you may make as president. Regardless of the outward decension of the opinion of Karl Rove, a close supporter and friend, George W. selected Dick Cheney and eventually he accepted. In my opinion, George W. was concerned for his friend Dick Cheney's health, but deep in his mind, he felt that there wasn't an option. Dick Cheney had all the insider political information serving other presidents. George W's knowledge about Washington, especially knowing the players, were next to zero. George W. actually made a great decision here, at least for him, but maybe not taking into consideration the prospective vice-president's health.

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